A sea I dreamed up


A sea I dreamed up

So, this is a watercolour I painted of the sea, only that it’s from my imagination. 🙂


Howth (a poem)

Oh to be in that gorgeous place,

that land full of history.

And walk the harbor at a slow pace.


The castle in Howth, inspirational

with so many stories to tell.

And the people, such kindness

so admirational.


And lastly, the pub where

the locals do meet; for each other they care.

Yes, Howth is the most beautiful place.


But I forgot, the hill

with it’s North Atlantic view

One of the most beautiful

sights, my heart it does fill.


And the folks at the church

will always keep it full,

prayer does come alive

at that church


So yes there’s this town

a town called Howth

and yes it is

the most beautiful place.